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A Little Bit About Me …



Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting – I sure hope you enjoy our Gallery.

So… A little bit about me …

I live in Eilat, Israel’s southernmost town. From my home window I can see the sprawling beaches, the ever-serene Red-Sea (which in fact is deep ruby blue…), the town of Acaba in Jordan,

and a little bit of the Saudi-Arabian desert, all right across the bay.

Eilat itself is all you could imagine (and more…) about a dynamic yet-calm tourist town, with a lot of SUN, and a lot of FUN.

To fund this horrifically expensive hobby, I own and manage an IT services company, which indeed is a leader in its field in Eilat.

Since childhood, Astronomy has always fascinated me. I was always lured to scopes, the skies and the stars… Though not doing too much about it over the years, things had completely turned around when, several years ago, I decided (on a whim…) to borrow an old friend’s telescope.
There was no turning back – the results of which you can see in this site ?
After a spending several years in this wonderful hobby, I can say with much content: “I LOVE it , I really DO” (and I’m sure sorry I didn’t start earlier).

Israel is a small country , but even so we have a relatively big desert, of which most is quite uninhabited, dry and desolate indeed – two factors which together render its skies clear (about 300 cloudless nights a year) and dark, with virtually no light pollution.

I do not own a permanent observatory , so every month I go out to the desert for a several days (nights) for imaging.
My friends and colleagues Harel Boren and Kfir Simon (also founders of the excellent Powernewt, which I use myself from time to time) usually serve me company through these exciting, fun nights. You can view some of our sessions out in the gallery section of this website.

I do hope to build a permanent observatory somewhere in the Negev desert someday – you will be the first to know.
I hope you enjoy your visit in here – and please feel absolutely free to make contact to chat on absolutely anything on your mind.

Tal Faibish.